Mi-Ran Menkes

Hi girls, I'm Mi-Ran Menkes. Actress, model and yoga teacher.

In recent years I have been dealing with full (!) Issues with my skin. Acne, irritation, inflammation, redness and all the fun that comes with sensitive skin (and sensitive heart).
This sensitive skin sent me on an introspective journey and I discovered that there is a direct connection between my lifestyle and the condition of my skin and as part of the idea of a healthy lifestyle - a few years ago I decided to use only quality products that are not experienced on animals and have a green or sustainable agenda. .
Beyond that - I made a decision in my heart to make my cultivation ritual an act of self-love and not an act of hatred or insecurity.

I do not smear and pamper because I hate my acne or wrinkles - I smear and pamper because I love myself and I am important to me.

מי-רן מנקס
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