A groundbreaking skin care brand in the biomimetic method of treating skin problems

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"Biomimetic is a long-established cosmetics manufacturer in Molensia, which has created a new category in the world of dermocosmetics.

In biomimetic cosmetics we have the best professional team, focusing on dermocosmetic research and innovation to offer the best solutions to our clients' most demanding problems.

Biomimetics is the study of natural processes and the use of this knowledge to design and engineer with the help of technology, products compatible with natural processes. Today, biomimetic means are used to develop skin care products that mimic natural processes in human skin. The biomimetic treatment is intended for skin that shows signs of aging, wrinkles, dull skin and healing. A company specializing in the personal synthesis of polypeptides for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and the biotechnology industry.

Our two-stage treatment includes

Preliminary Boost treatment - an initial treatment, which regenerates the skin cells from the inside out. This is actually a new way of skin care, which incorporates a personal approach to the deep layers in the daily care routine. Easily absorbed, penetrates the deep layers, with a perfect biological fit to the skin tissues allowing the skin to receive nourishment, moisture and renew the skin cells from the inside out.

Advanced biomimetic treatment - a unique complementary treatment for the benefit of improving the results of the treatment routine in the deepest skin layers. The advanced and innovative treatment has a liquid texture, and combines active ingredients to achieve the best results, from the inside out. It protects the hydroliped skin layer to prevent water loss

There are five basic treatments and five advanced treatments: moisturizing, antioxidant, lightening, firming, anti-aging and eye care. "

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Based on the biomimetic method

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The two-step method of treating facial skin

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Formulas that treat 5 different skin problems