Nhuara baret paris

When nature, science and cultivation history meet in Paris laboratories

Without cruelty
Nhuara Baret Paris
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About Nhuara Baret Paris

In the historic district of Saint-Honore in Paris, sits the technical team of Nehora Brett, and with the knowledge of French medicine create perfect preparations for the treatment of various skin problems with a unique range of products.

The name Nehora Brett defines the brand: Nature and Science. The Arabic word "" nehora "" means "" flower "" or "" to bloom "" to represent the birth of the natural. And "Brett", in tribute to Jean Barrett, the first botanical scientist in French history.

Nehora Brett respects and adores nature. This is why they use renewable energy and recyclable materials in all their production processes. "

Brand's Promise
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A combination of nature and science

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Contains recyclable materials

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The pioneers of French cosmetics