A Swedish skin care brand with a unique patent called Retinol 8

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The Swedish company VERSO was founded by Lars Fredrickson and is located in the heart of Stockholm University in Perskati.
The company's motto is well rooted in science, and Verso is concerned with everyday simplicity and quality of life
With science as the starting point, Verso manufactures high quality products that include few components.

They do not believe in product development shortcuts and always stay up to date on all the scientific innovations relevant to product development.
These were scientific insights into the regenerative properties of a new vitamin A derivative that motivated Verso to exist. By clinically examining various concentrations of retinol 8 supervised by physicians from Karolinska University Hospital in the early 1920s, Verso founder Lars Fredrickson arrived at a formulation that proved to be eight and a half times as effective at creating the stimulus as traditional retinol.

Verso's ultimate goal is to make it easier for our customers to combine a healthy grooming routine with a busy contemporary life by offering products that deliver hassle-free performance.

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Exclusive patent - Retinol 8

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Minimum components for maximum result

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Winner of the packaging design award