Privacy policy

  1. Welcome to the DNA Group website (hereinafter: the "Company")
  2. The company takes care to maintain your privacy when using the site and respects it.
  3. The company's current privacy policy is at all times on the site and is accessible for your review, and is an integral part of the terms of use that appear on the site. As the privacy policy may change from time to time, we recommend that you review the policy document from time to time. As long as you choose to register for notifications, you will be notified of the update of this policy and / or the terms of use immediately upon their update.
  4. All of the terms defined in the Terms of Use apply to the provisions of this Privacy Policy.
  5. The company collects the following information from the users of the site:
    5.1. When registering for the site an e-mail address and login password;
    5.2. When placing an order or purchasing products on the Site, the details of the orders and transactions made by the users are kept and associated with the registered user name, including full name and shipping address, including specific details about the shipping address or means of contact, telephone number and email address;
    5.3. Unidentified aggregate statistical information will be collected when browsing the site for the purpose of checking the integrity of the site, and analyzing the preferences and function of the site;
    5.4. Email address as long as the user chooses to join the company's mailing list.
    5.5. Users may also choose to save the means of payment used for future purchases. The details will be kept by the two clearing companies that the company works with, Credit Guard Ltd. and Isracard Ltd., which operate under the PCI standard and the strict standards required of credit service providers, while the company will receive from each of them, when making a transaction, a "token" containing a number An alternative with the same characteristics as the credit card number.
    5.6. When you contact the company staff, whether for technical support on the site or to obtain a pharmacological consultation, whether by phone, email, online form or in any other way, you may be required to provide company representatives with additional details that identify you personally and / or contain Medical information about you. As required, the Company may maintain and monitor telephone calls, emails, live conversations (chat) as well as record any communications between you and the Company's customer service representatives. This information will be stored in the Company's databases and will be secured in accordance with the Protection of Privacy Law 1981 and its various extensions (hereinafter: the "Protection of Privacy Law") and any law.
    The company clarifies and emphasizes that the law does not require users to provide their information to the company, but failure to provide personal information may prevent access to certain services and / or parts of the site.
    5.7. To the extent that you choose to provide the company with personal information in order to gain access to the services on the site, then you undertake that you will provide only correct, accurate and complete details and in fact their delivery, users confirm the correctness of the information provided. It is clarified that the submission of incorrect details, or failure to provide the full required details may prevent the use of the site, impair the quality of service provided to users, frustrate the completion of the order and impair the ability to contact you, or in case of incorrect or false information, breach of terms Use of the Site or constituting a violation of the law and all that this implies.
  6. The company automatically collects personal information about the users as well as statistical-aggregate information related to how the site is used, in one or more of the following ways:
    6.1. While browsing and using the website, the company will be entitled to collect information about your visit to the website, the use you will make of the services and your surfing on the web. This information may include information about the location of the computer, the IP address with which you accessed the site, your operating system, your browser ID, location data, browser type, domain names, language settings and other information about your site practices such as information or advertisements you read, pages and products You viewed, product orders you made, offers and services that interested you, and about how you communicate with our site and other websites.
    6.2. We may collect this information through the use of cookies, registration files and other tracking technologies, as long as these are activated on the website, and all as detailed in section 14-15 below.
  7. The personal details of the users, and the details of the orders placed through the site, as long as they contain identifying information will be stored in the company's database and subject to the provisions of the Privacy Protection Law and will be used in accordance with the provisions of this law and / or any law.
  8. The company does its best to protect the integrity of the personal information obtained on this site and to maintain confidentiality as required. The information is collected and stored in a secure environment that uses a combination of security technologies, security procedures and other organizational measures to protect the user's personal information from unauthorized access, use or disclosure, all in accordance with the requirements of any law.
  9. Credit card clearing, as part of payment for orders placed on the website, will be carried out by two companies, Credit Guard Ltd. and Isracard Ltd. (hereinafter collectively: "the clearing company") which is one of the service providers of the credit companies and is authorized to perform clearing operations Credit in accordance with all laws, and also complies with all strict standards and guidelines of credit companies for conducting secure online transactions, including the PCI standard.
    The company does not store the details of the means of payment you use, and only transmits the information you enter to the clearing company via a secure page in the SSL standard on our website.
  10. It is clarified that the information security standard used by the clearing company as well as the protection of credit details and user details transmitted to the clearing company are done by the clearing company in accordance with international standards and the credit companies' instructions, by the clearing credit company, and the company will not be responsible for any breach Which will be caused due to the delivery of credit information to the clearing company.
  11. Users may agree that their e-mail address will be added to the mailing list managed by the company for sending e-mails to the user regarding publications, commercial updates, benefits, promotions, improving the services provided by the company and enriching the site content by marking the permission in the designated section on the site and clicking "enrollment". It is emphasized that your consent to receive such notices and publications gives the Company the right to use these details for the purposes of promoting the services, advertising, improving the services provided by the Company and enriching the site content in accordance with the provisions of the Communications (Bezeq and Broadcasting) Law (Amendment 40), 2008. (Hereinafter: the "Spam Law"). If you are interested in being removed from the mailing list, you can do so, at any time, by sending an e-mail to or clicking on the designated link at the bottom of all publications and / or messages that will be sent to you and in the personal area of the site. .
  12. The company may use the information provided by the users of the site - and information it collects about the patterns of use of the site - for the purpose of improving the services on the site and / or in any other way it deems appropriate, to contact the user if necessary in accordance with the law. Anonymous statistics for third parties. Such third parties and / or their employees and / or anyone on their behalf are prohibited from using this personal information for any other purpose, except as stated in this section above and the permission to use the users' personal information will be subject to the Privacy Protection Act and any law.
  13. Subject to section 12 above, the Company may avail itself of the services of other companies in order to provide limited services in its name such as: performing statistical analyzes of its services. The Company will provide these companies with the personal information items of the users only to the extent necessary for the provision of the Services, and the companies and their employees will be prohibited from using this personal information for any other purpose.
  14. The company uses cookies and similar technologies for the purpose of the regular and proper operation of the site (hereinafter together: "cookies"), including for the purpose of collecting statistics about the use of the site, verifying details, adjusting the site, publications and promotions presented to your personal preferences and information security needs.
    It is possible to adjust the user's browser so that it accepts or rejects "cookies", or that it alerts you when "cookies" are used. Because each browser works differently, users should check the "Help" menu in the browser on how to make the above adjustments. If users do not want to receive "cookies", they can block or delete the option by changing the settings in the browser. However, blocking this option may result in you not being able to enjoy some of the functions and services on the site and / or the manner in which items are displayed on the site will be affected (or parts of it will not be displayed at all), and any decision by users to postpone the use of "cookies" , May affect the way details are displayed on the site, and users who have chosen this option, hereby waive any claim and / or claim in the matter against the company.
  15. It will be clarified that "cookies" are a small text file that is transferred to the hard drive of the personal computer by a web server. Some "cookies" expire when the browser is closed and others are saved on the computer's hard drive. We will clarify that the site may from time to time use "cookies" so that the site's servers can identify you quickly and efficiently even when you return and visit the site. The information contained on the "cookies" used by the site is encrypted, so only the company can read and understand this information.
  16. As stated, the company devotes resources and takes various security measures to prevent intrusion into the database and to prevent possible invasion of users' privacy. However, disruptions can not be completely ruled out. Therefore, the users hereby declare and undertake that they will not have any claim and / or demand and / or claim against the company and / or anyone on its behalf due to such injuries, malfunctions and / or disruptions. The company recommends that users take all possible precautions to protect their personal information when operating online.
  17. The Company shall refrain from providing personal information of a user to third parties which the Company collects by the Company, and which is subject to the rules of the Privacy Protection Act and regulations enacted thereunder.
  18. The site may from time to time contain links pointing to other sites. The company can not be responsible in any way, for the content and / or the degree of privacy protection and / or the level of information security that the other sites provide as light and therefore the company recommends that before providing personal information to other sites, read the privacy policy of those sites and act accordingly. . Users are entitled to review the information collected and held by the Company in accordance with the Company's Terms of Use in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Protection Act.
  19. In addition, to the extent that the information stored in the Company's database is used for personal contact with the user, based on the user's affiliation to a population group, determined according to one or more characteristics of persons whose names are included in the database (hereinafter: "Commercial Offer"), then users are entitled According to the Protection of Privacy Law, 5741-1981, to demand in writing that the information relating to it be deleted from the database. The company will in this case delete only the information it needs to contact the users of commercial offers as stated above. The information necessary for the company to conduct its business - including the documentation of commercial and other actions performed on the site - will continue to be stored in the company's database by law, but will no longer be used for the purpose of contacting users.
  20. The company will not be considered as violating any obligation to privacy or infringing on users' privacy due to any information, as defined in the Computers Law, 5755-1995, which may identify users or track them by another, resulting from the use of electronic means of communication during use of the site.
  21. Subscribing to the mailing list and making orders through the site are intended solely for users aged 18 and over. The Company does not intentionally or knowingly collect information about minors, and insofar as it has come to your knowledge that, in addition to information transmitted or accessed by the Company through the dedicated registration site as stated above in this section, we collect or retain information concerning minors under 18, please let us know And we will delete the said personal information from our databases.
  22. The Company may change the provisions of the Privacy Policy from time to time. If this policy makes material changes to the instructions regarding the use of personal information provided by the user, a notice will be published on the website (and an email will be sent to all users who have chosen and authorized the company to send them messages in accordance with section 11 above).
  23. Any dispute and / or dispute regarding the terms of use and / or the site and / or the use of it and / or the services, if and to the extent that they arise, will be clarified according to the laws of the State of Israel only and in the competent court in Tel Aviv.
  24. In any case whereby any provision in this document becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable, this will not prevent and / or detract from the validity and / or legality of the other provisions of this document. It is clarified that in such a case, the existence of a similar condition will be seen as enforceable instead of the condition which has been deleted or removed.
  25. In case of any question and / or request, please contact us viaContact Us Form Or by email: Or by phone: 050-7103009 (WhatsApp)

If you believe that your privacy has been violated in any way by any party, please contact the company by one of the means listed above.