Refund policy

Have you purchased a product? We are sure you will fall in love with it
Did you regret it? No problem! You can easily cancel your order:

By sending a cancellation notice to the address 
By filling out a dedicated cancellation form on the website In the following link
Cancellation is possible for only 14 days, while returning the product in its entirety and in the original packaging.

You can easily make the return through the return service Premium
Arrange a quick pick-up by courier from your home in front of customer service by email And we will send you a courier to collect the return free of charge.

Customer service tax: 0507103009

return Premium Free to home - Free VIP service, conditional on a purchase of NIS 199.
return Premium Until the house is purchased for less than NIS 199, it will be charged NIS 29.

And what happens next?

At the end of the return, our customer service will contact you to coordinate the refund. You can choose between:
Receiving a purchase voucher for the website or a refund for the means of payment in which you paid for the product.