A unisex perfume with a refreshing scent - LONDON FIELDS

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Close your eyes and imagine the forest surrounding London in the area
early hours of the day. A quiet, rare atmosphere, still damp and hazy, smelling of freshly cut grass.
Then, suddenly, the magical gust of wind kicks in and brings the power of
Gardens and their flowers. Magnolia cherry, jasmine and exotic cedar wood.

  • A fresh and sweet fragrance that lasts for a long timeSuitable for men and women
  • Blends perfectly on the skin
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    Type: Fragrance
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    Product description
    Those of us who know the unique fragrances that can only be smelled in the first hours of the morning in the fields of London will simply fall in love with this perfume.

    LONDON FIELDS is a unisex perfume with a sweet but dry smell.
    Notes of morning glory, mixed with those of green flowers typical of London gardens.
    An enveloping and fresh blend where the top notes of cucumber, cherry and melon open the door to the real players of this amazing fragrance: cyclamen, rhubarb, peony and narcissus.
    The base is an explosion of vanilla, cedar, musk and animal notes.

    Top notes: cucumber, melon, cherry
    Heart notes: cyclamen, rhubarb, narcissus, peony
    Base notes: vanilla, cedar, musk

    User manual

    The perfume should be held at a distance of 10-15 cm from the body and sprayed. It is recommended to aim at pulse points.

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