42 luxury scrunchie set


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    Product description
    A set of 4 luxurious scrunchies prevent hair damage and help maintain healthy and beautiful hair.
    The scratchy holds the hair firmly and at the same time effectively prevents hair breakage, split ends and frizz.

    The use of mulberry silk in combination with silver ions and the positive effect on the facial skin:

    Mulberry silk is known as natural silk and is made from natural fibers.
    The natural silk is produced in a very careful peeling and production process in order to produce the highest quality raw material: mulberry silk 23 momme.
    Combined with the silver ion technology the brand has created unique antibacterial silk items.
    The silver ions are inserted into the silk fibers, which means it kills bacteria, mold and prevents them from growing.
    Which makes the products much more than just another accessory or standard accessory.
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