To feel with and to be without - Botox

If we told you there was a safe alternative to botox injections and plastic surgery, would you try it?
There are all kinds of approaches regarding anti-aging, some embrace the journey through time and let nature do its thing, some try to stop it with all their might, deny it and stay young forever and there are those who sit on the fence. 
Let's talk about how to reduce wrinkles without surgical intervention even if it's only for 6-8 hours.

People all over the world use hyaluronic acid and botox injections to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines in the face.
But if it is not done by sufficiently experienced doctors, it may cause damage and unwanted results.

The active ingredients in acids and Botox are hyaluronic acid and botulinum toxin, respectively. The hyaluronic acid is used as a filler and helps to fill the wrinkles and skin grooves. The botulinum toxin is used to reduce wrinkles by neutralizing the contraction of the muscles. 

Here are some of the possible risks of Botox:

  • The importance of expertise: The injection should be performed by a qualified and experienced specialist. The botox injection was not done by an experienced medical expert? There is a high probability of problems or an allergic reaction.
  • Side Effects: Botox may cause unwanted side effects such as double vision, facial deformity, speech difficulties.
  • Suspected neurological diseases: The use of Botox is not recommended for people with suspected neurological diseases such as Guillain's syndrome, multiple sclerosis or Parkinson's.
  • Pain and swelling: There may be pain and swelling at the injection site.
  • Allergies: Botox injection may cause an allergic reaction, as with any other medical treatment.

    Did the risks make you uncomfortable or are you just afraid of syringes? We have a few solutions For those of you who are not Botox

    If you are one of those people who like the processes of time and do not want to inject substances into the facial skin for a long time, meet the GLO24K! An American brand that bases its formulas on gold particles, retinol, hyaluronic acid and a variety of other vitamins!

    The 2 founders of the company realized that exotic skincare treatments such as 24 karat gold facial treatments produce amazing anti-aging results and become a global trend.
    Mainly because many celebrities are documenting themselves in luxury spas around the world experiencing new and innovative beauty trends and posting the results on social media.

    The brand chose to make the gold component accessible to the general public, which was until now reserved for celebrities or people of a particularly high socioeconomic status.

    With the most effective anti-aging ingredients that include: hyaluronic acid, retinol, vitamins A, C, E, Glo24K appeals to everyone who wants to look, feel their best and enjoy effective products and see visible results without the use of Botox.

    תמונה קרם אנטי אייג'ינג המציע פתרון שהוא לא בוטוקס

    Anti-aging cream with a stretching effect

    If you are looking for an immediate tightening effect, you must know the unique anti-aging cream.
    Nehua and Wad fight and minimize the visible signs of premature aging of the skin such as marks and wrinkles.

    their destination,gold was considered the ultimate element since the dawn of history, which helps to slow down the signs of skin aging. Cleopatra The wives of many Chinese emperors used gold treatments to smooth out the wrinkles on their faces, so they could maintain a porcelain appearance.

    The unique formula contains gold particles that serve as perfect antioxidants with anti-aging benefits. The cream is enriched with peptides, hyaluronic acid, Hexapeptide-8, antioxidant vitamins A, C, E - known for their anti-aging benefits.
    The cream provides an immediate visual facelift effect while improving skin firmness, texture and skin elasticity.
    Within seconds of applying the cream, this powerful formula is versatile.
    It tightens and contours the skin to create a facelift effect and smoothes lines and wrinkles.
    It is suitable for all skin types.

    The unique shape of the syringe is actually trying to tell us that those who do not feel comfortable with Botox treatments really do not need to fear that there is no answer for them to minimize wrinkles and fine lines. The "Botox-like" effect of GLO24K does the same action for 6-8 hours without the need for an injection. 

    תמונה של לפני ואחרי שימוש בקרם אנטי אייג'ינג
    תוצאות לפני ואחרי בלי בוטוקס
    If you are looking for an effect for more than a few hours, get to know wrinkles makeup 

    The product line contains 100% medical quality silicone stickers manufactured to a standard approved by the FDA.

    So, how does it work?

    When our skin loses moisture that's where the wrinkles start to form. The silica stickers solve this problem without the intervention of chemical substances. 

    The use of silicone in the treated area helps absorb the skin's natural moisture into the epidermis layer and thus keeps the skin full of moisture during the night, which helps reduce existing wrinkles and lines and prevent the formation of future wrinkles by keeping the area taut during sleep.

    Among the products that the brand offers, you can find silicone stickers for the treatment and prevention of wrinkles in the chest area, eyes, lips, hands. Also eye patches with micro needles and hair face serum with vitamin c.

    תמונה של בחורה משתמשת במדבקות אנטי אייג'ינג
    Silicone patch to reduce forehead wrinkles

    Wait with Botox! The forehead wrinkles are among the first wrinkles that appear on our skin.
    These wrinkles are caused by repeated facial movements from the use of the facial muscles or sleeping position. span> Prevent it from wrinkling during sleep. At the same time, wrinkle smoothing stickers support the skin's natural ability to retain moisture, stimulate blood flow and even help increase collagen production - that essential protein that we lose as our skin ages.

    תמונה של בחורה משתמשת בתחליף לבוטוקס
    Silicone patch to reduce wrinkles in the eyes

    If your signs of aging around the eyes are caused by natural aging, genetics, fatigue or your sleeping position. Stickers to smooth out the wrinkles in our eyes prevent from the skin to wrinkle. At the same time, the patches support the skin's natural ability to produce and maintain Moisturize, stimulate blood flow and even help increase the production of collagen - the essential protein that we lose as our skin ages.