The complete guide to perfect backs

GARBO's perfect eyebrow guide & KELLY

Get to know the company GARBO & KELLY, the products that will transform your eyebrows!

A colorful and groundbreaking cosmetics company from Australia specializing in eyebrow makeup and facial contouring.

The company was founded by celebrity makeup artist from Hollywood, Carolyn Fox and her sister Jennifer Fox who recognized the need for a professional and dedicated brand for one of the most important parts of our face, the eyebrows! 

The brand allows women to create precise and natural-looking eyebrows alongside the appearance of a superstar every day and evening.

"Our brand is inspired by leading, modern women with a positive attitude. The brand offers a variety of products and dedicated tools that emphasize the beauty inherent in every woman.'

All the products are natural, vegan and have not been tested on a private label, and if that is not enough, then the company has the official Gospanka PETA The world!

Step 1 - Eyebrow brush

Brush the brow hair with the tip of the applicator to give instant width and lift.

Use your brow brush to measure where your brow should start and end

(Start: in line with your nose crease and brow bone Finish: in line with the side of your nose

Step 2 - Template 

Adjust the template according to the structure of the face, use Garbo & Kelly's recommendations in the package.

Then line up your stencil starting at the crease of the nose and straight up to the browbone and pin tight.

Step 3 - Eyebrow shadow

This eyeshadow has two sides of color – one lighter and the other darker – to help blend the color for a natural look, to match your growth pattern or transition more smoothly from day to night looks.

Apply the shadow within the borders of the stencil to fill in the gaps in the eyebrow hair and create more density.

Step 4 - eyebrow pencil

It's a thin, waterproof pencil that adds color and helps fill in holes or scars, but it also helps to achieve extra definition and an elegant finish by creating a defined arch along the lower brow line and behind the tail.
If you have holes in certain areas of your brow, create short, thin hair-like strokes to fill in the gaps (not part of the brow kit but sold separately on the website).

Step 5 - Eyebrow gel

Define and create a lifting effect with eyebrow gel.

You can use transparent or tinted gel to create the perfect fixation. A tinted gel versus transparent, gives depth and creates a more dramatic evening look.

It also helps to cover white or burnt hair in the eyebrow area. In conclusion, eyebrow gel is a necessary ingredient in your eyebrow care routine!

Step 6 - Tweezers

Handcrafted tweezers with a pointed tip are essential for ingrown hairs, while the diagonal tip is perfect for removing the toughest hairs.

The last step - after marking the gender lines of the eyebrow with the help of the stencil, a pencil or an eyeshadow, all the hairs remaining outside the frame can be plucked.
Avoid excessive plucking by sticking to the defined line created with an eyeshadow or pencil.

Do's and Don'ts - Eyebrow Guide Part II

It's wonderful that all makeup artists and beauticians know what the rules of the game are in the world of eyebrow design
But what are you doing at home in front of the mirror? Get some eyebrow maintenance tips from us.

  • Do not pluck the eyebrows without marking and defining the eyebrow with an eyeshadow and stencil, in order to avoid excessive plucking.
  • Be aware of your face structure, be sure to choose the right template and measure the optimal distance from the nose to the beginning of the eyebrow to the end, in order to maintain a correct proportion.
  • Don't be tempted to do massive hair removal on your own (wax, etc.) if you're not sure you know what you're doing, leave it to the professionals.
  • Understand the use of each of our products and give your eyebrows the perfect look every day.

How to fit an eyebrow stencil to a facial structure

Long face structure:
They usually have a high forehead, a narrow and pointed jawline and a narrow structure in the temple area.
Celebrities: Liv Tyler, Sarah Jessica Parker
Goal: Make your face look more oval.

The perfect eyebrow structure for you: avoid sharp and angular shapes and always make sure that the tail (outer edge of the eyebrow, on the soft side) ends on the side of the eye and is not too narrow.

We recommend: use the kelly 'Kelly' back stencil for quick and easy application. If you have naturally fuller eyebrows try monro monro for maximum fullness and perfect balance so that the eyebrow is full and does not make the length of the face look too long. Thin eyebrows will make the face look very long.

An oval facial structure:
Often considered the ideal face shape. The forehead is wider than the chin and has prominent cheekbones - congratulations!
Celebrities: Jessica Alba, Kendall Jenner
Purpose: to frame the eyes and the shape of the face.

The perfect eyebrow shape for you: The perfect eyebrow shape is often considered to have a soft and raised angle. The soft angle shape means that the brow is full and of the same width until the brow begins to approach toward the tail after the iris.

We recommend: use the monro stencil 'Monro' to create a perfect full arch. For small oval faces we recommend the garbo stencil, for someone with a medium oval structure, choose the kelly stencil.

Heart-shaped face structure:
Here the forehead and cheekbones are wide and the chin tapers to a point - like a heart. This is a soft and feminine face shape that looks naturally beautiful.
Celebrities: Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon Purpose: To soften the width of the face.
The perfect eyebrow structure for you: is a soft angled shape meaning the eyebrow is still full and the same width until after the iris turns towards the tail.

We recommend: Prominent use of the 'Kelly' raised brow guide or use of the flat 'Taylor' brow bone in the guide for perfect balance and harmony.

Round face structure:
Also known as 'baby face' which is the same width as the length and the forehead line and jaw line are similar in width.
Celebrities: Jennifer Lawrence, Selena Gomez
Goal: Make your face look slimmer.
The perfect eyebrow shape for you: A high-arched eyebrow will give you the perfect look, so the highest point of the eyebrow should be above the iris before the eyebrows turn towards the tail which creates more lift and opens the eye. Make sure the back of your tails is full.

We recommend: if you have big eyes, a full face and naturally fuller eyebrows use the monro eyebrow stencil or if you have less hair use the kelly eyebrow stencil or if you have a flatter brow bone use taylor .

Diamond-shaped face structure:
It is not as common as the other face shapes; It is usually angular with the face being widest at the temples.
Celebrities: Rihanna, Taylor Swift
Purpose: To soften the corners of your face in the widest part of the face and look slimmer.

The perfect eyebrow shape for you: An arched eyebrow will be perfect because it softens the look and makes the widest area of ​​your face thinner.
We recommend: if you have prominent browbones and cheekbones, use the Kelly 'Kelly' eyebrow stencil.

Square face structure:
Generally the forehead, cheekbones and jaw lines are about the same width, with the jaw line having a square structure.
Celebrities: Natalie Portman, Angelina Jolie
Purpose: to balance with a strong brow and soften the hairline and jawline.

The perfect eyebrow shape for you: a full, strong shape will balance the heavier jawline and a defined point at the top of the eyebrow makes it look stronger. The angle in the brows will create balance and by adding shadow at the back of the tail you will add definition and a more elegant look.
We recommend: use the kelly 'Kelly' stencil for a strong and defined finish.

Even men who want to emphasize have a solution!

Every leading man needs well-groomed eyebrows. Yes, even our men can brighten up their face with perfect eyebrows !!
Men can be natural or "made" as they want, we have the solution for both types!
Celebrities: Adam Lambert or Chris Hemsworth.

The perfect stencil for you: if you go for Adam Lambert we recommend a product line of gel and eyeshadow, scissors and tweezers.
If you're going for the Chris Hemsworth look then use a clear or dark gel, trim lightly with tweezers and trim the excess length to a lift.

We recommend: for a defined look of Adam Lambert monro 'Monro' but for a more natural look use bond 'Bond'.