המותג שלקח את עולם המחזור שלב אחד קדימה

Meet the sustainability brand 2ndground with a tremendous environmental impact that produces all its products using a unique Upcycling method in which useless raw materials or "waste" products are utilized and renewed into useful, effective products and in the case of 2ndground natural peeling espresso soaps that are handmade with flawless performance and results.
The brand was established in 2015 by Mark Greeno who is the founder, manufacturer and owner out of Mark's passion for making soaps and endless love for the environment, that's how Mark came up with the idea of exporting recycled espresso peeling soaps.
The production of the Espresso peeling soaps had a focused goal that Mark sticks to religiously to this day and that is to help our climate crisis, even if it's a little and to inspire people to produce and invent products using the Upcycling method to help us all achieve a circular economy and protect the planet.

I'm a 2ndground believer:

Upcycling - renewed

To reach a sustainable circular economy, we must upcycle by taking "waste" and turning it into new products, we are exploiting the true potential of coffee.

green is the best

The world of beauty has become greener and cleaner.
We are very happy to be a part of it.
By using the most sustainable methods and ingredients, we are committed to giving you the best possible product from this beautiful planet.

Using recycled coffee as a raw material -

Coffee is the second most sold product in the world, next to crude oil.
With so much production, leaving this amazing product in the trash after you pass water through it seems like a waste, this raw material only has potential after it is used - recycle your espresso!