Dore & Rose

The luxury brand that will improve your sleep and the appearance of your skin

Dore & Rose was founded in 2022 with the belief that skin care should be as easy as going to bed at night.
In order to present unique products that contribute to healthier skin, the brand launched essential sleep products made from mulberry silk.
The silk pillowcase restores the skin and the sleeping masks reduce acne and spots, rebalance the natural oils, increase the effect of other care products and prevent lines and wrinkles in the long run.
The brand concept is dedicated to creating premium accessories, meticulously handcrafted to elevate everyday life by
Prioritizing sleep health.
Luxury and science came together and gave birth to a collection of products that embodied elegance while embracing the principles of well-being.
When the venture flourished, the entrepreneurs expanded the product line to create a selection of different health accessories for sleep, which are carefully designed, with an emphasis on health and full adaptation to daily needs.

The use of mulberry silk in combination with silver ions and the positive effect on the facial skin:

Mulberry silk is known as natural silk and is made from natural fibers.
The natural silk is produced in a very careful peeling and production process in order to produce the highest quality raw material: mulberry silk 23 momme.
Combined with the silver ion technology the brand has created unique antibacterial silk items.
The silver ions are inserted into the silk fibers, which means it kills bacteria, mold and prevents them from growing.
Which makes the products much more than just another accessory or standard accessory.