Inspired by the simple moments of life

Apotheke - inspired by the simple moments of life!

Apotheke believes that fragrance can turn any building into a home, raise any mood and preserve pleasant memories. What started in 2011 in a kitchen in Brooklyn New York as an experiment in making soap and searching for interesting aromas has grown into a well-known and loved thriving company. The brand believes that simplicity is the ultimate expression of luxury, knowing how to appreciate and celebrate life every day with an ever-expanding collection of a variety of fragrances and personal products for the home.

Products of Apotheke

In the Apotheke product category, you can find a wide variety of quality products that will upgrade your life experience and add refreshing fragrances to your home:

  • scent diffusers
  • candles

Product categories

  • diffuser
  • Fill for the diffuser
  • Mini candles
  • 2 wick candles
  • 3-wick candles
  • One-wick candles

Apotheke also believe in giving back and over the years have donated thousands of pounds of soap to the Bowery Mission in New York and partnered with companies like Autism Tomorrow, Your Mom Cares and more.

Come join thousands of satisfied customers who choose Apotheke to create a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere at home. Our special fragrances, together with the quality products, will make your home the perfect place to relax and experience the luxury of simplicity.

With the brand's products, you can enjoy products that give a sense of peace, luxury and uncompromising quality. All Apotheke products are manufactured with great care using the best raw materials, in order to provide you with the perfect scent experience.

Recommended products:

  • 3-wick candles - a strong and impressive fragrance that upgrades any room.
  • Diffuser - for spreading a pleasant and fresh smell throughout the day.
  • Filling for the diffuser - to keep your favorite fragrance for a long time.

Apotheke offers a wide range of high quality products suitable for any style and design. Its special and relaxing aromas will make your home a place you love to return to.