BEBEMOSS knitted dolls

Get to know the brand that produces small dolls with a larger meaning than life

Knitted dolls from BEBEMOSS

Come and embark on a journey into the magical world of BEBEMOSS knitted dolls, the brand that brings warmth and joy to life in every knitted doll. From its beginnings as a small idea to a social transformation, BEBEMOSS has become an example of a combination of creativity, sustainability and positive social change.

Product description:

Knitted dolls: each knitted doll is handmade and contains a soul of joy, suitable for children of any age and adds a smile to every corner of the house.

BEBEMOSS brand values:

  • Sustainability and quality: organic threads, filling from recycled water bottles, and production processes that respect the planet.
  • Social impact: Helping women in the Czech Republic support their families and create a better life for themselves and their children.
  • Education for values: integrates education on sustainability and social responsibility in every product.

Advantages of the products:

  • Child education and development: knitted dolls that encourage imagination and creative play while learning about the importance of sustainability.
  • Soft and safe materials for children: soft to the touch and safe for children, made from clean and healthy materials.

BEBEMOSS gives more than just a doll; It gives an experience, a message, and a positive impact. Our products begin and end with love - love for those who create them and for those who play with them. Each doll is part of our small revolution for a better world.