Floral Street home fragrance

Perfumes and fragrances for the home that combine sustainability and quality

Home fragrance - Floral Street collection

Floral Street is a modern home fragrance brand, founded by Michelle Finney, a woman with a rich and impressive background in the world of beauty. Michelle started a career in public relations and moved to New York, where she worked with brands such as Estée Lauder and MAC, promoted MAC to the title of the largest makeup brand in the world and led important social initiatives.

The brand Floral Street

After returning to England, Michelle founded Floral Street with the goal of bringing quality perfume to the modern woman. The brand focuses on sustainability and ecological responsibility, and incorporates amazing perfumes created with strong and curious women in mind.

Products in the home fragrance collection

The Floral Street collection offers a variety of home fragrance products, designed to enrich the atmosphere in any room:

  • Perfume: A variety of perfumes for the modern woman 
  • Scent diffusers: Natural and high-quality scent diffusers
  • Candles: Scented candles to create a pleasant atmosphere

Advantages of the products in the collection

  • Air spray: Easy to use spray to fill the house with a pleasant smell 
  • Scented reeds: Natural scented reeds for atmosphere and smell at home 

Floral Street brings you perfumes and home fragrances that upgrade the space and make it a pleasant place to stay. All products are manufactured strictly with an emphasis on sustainability and quality, so you can enjoy a wonderful smell and environmental responsibility at the same time.

The mission of Floral Street

Michelle aims to bring quality perfume to every woman, and allow her to build a personal perfume collection brought by Beauty. The brand takes an innovative approach and makes sure to use recycled and sustainable materials, while opposing the use of sexuality to sell fragrances.