A perfume brand that will take you on a spectacular nature trip around the world

A transcontinental perfume brand with roots in Italy, Ibiza and the UK.
The brand was first launched in 2020 and the word amarsi means loving yourself.
Alessandra, the owner of the brand, was connected to scents and perfumes all her life. She traveled a lot around the world and connected to different cultures, but when she had to leave and move on to the next destination, she realized that her way to preserve memory is through smell.

Amarsi fragrances restore the lost memories of the Indian market, a sunset over the Andes mountains, the smell of the rainforest or other magical moments in life that are burned into Alessandra's skin and memory.
Pink pepper, cardamom, a twist of honey, orange bergamot or sabina wood, a variety of pine trees originating from the Balearic Islands.
Every nuance of Amarsi fragrances is a doorway, the gateway to new explorations, sensations, memories, allowing us to travel to our senses and mind just by closing our eyes.

All the brand's perfumes are vegan and derived from essential oils and molecules