OHGLOW for people who care

OHGLOW is a home for people who care about themselves and the environment.

A platform where you will find a variety of beauty care and lifestyle brands from around the world. We support independent and niche brands with social and environmental agendas. All of them without experiments, high quality components and high quality control.

We have set ourselves the goal of helping you feel your best by choosing brands that have effective products, quality formulas, innovative and clean without compromising principles that are important to them and to us.

ECO Friendly

We choose brands that, like us, understand the importance of protecting the environment and adhere to fair trade.


As the world of nutrition has become aware of the ingredients we choose to put into the body, so has the world of care. We are making great strides towards choosing brands that have natural organic ingredients and no harmful substances.


Most of our brands choose not to include animal ingredients in the formulas. They and we also believe that there are a lot of raw materials in nature that provide extraordinary results without harming those who walk on all fours.

We believe that feeling better and living better are the keys to balance in life. A correct connection of nurturing the body and mind radiates outward and helps the ultimate goal of living life to the fullest.

Oglo was founded by two entrepreneurs who discovered the worlds of indie brands a decade ago as part of their work abroad.

Exposure to the changing trends in the world and the realization that the world of skin care and beauty has become a market flooded by large corporations made them want to give space to other independent brands.

The Corona period and the big boost that the e-commerce world received for several years seemed to them like a perfect combination of technology and unique brands that led to the establishment of Oh!Glow - the home for indie brands


Locating and selecting indie, unique and original brands from around the world. Small business support, environmental quality and fair trade.

Better for you

High quality control of the products in Israel and around the world while ensuring high-quality components and innovative formulas. without SLS, PARABENS,

Conscious Free

All the products on the website have the approval of the Ministry of Health and have not been tested on a private company. In order to increase our vegan product category.